Parent Reviews


Dec 10, 2010

This truly is a community, not just a school. Patty and her staff are amazing! It is quite visible how much they love teaching and the children. They teach to the whole child - socially, academically and emotionally. As a first time parent this was extremely important to me and I have been so pleased. I would highly recommend Follow the Child to any family!


Dec 09, 2010

After visiting many of the top rated child development centers in Livingston County I was so happy to have found and visited Follow the Child. This was the last school I visited and for good reason, I didn't need to see anymore after meeting Patty, owner and lead teacher. Being an educator myself and having a strong passion for early childhood education I immediately knew this was the best environment to send my little girl for her first out of home learning experience. In just 3 short months the growth I have seen in my child is unbelievable. Not only is the content rich curriculum each child is exposed to unmatched by other schools in the area, but the emotional support and encouragement that is encouraged with each child is giving these little ones the skills and confidence they need to become self directed passionate individuals.

Thank You Patty, Connie and Mary for your love and dedication to our children!


Dec 09, 2010

Completely amazing!!!!!!!! This is the best preschool in the county - hands down. Everything about this school is perfect - especially the staff. This is a MUST CONSIDER for anyone looking for a great preschool for your kids.

Allison Ackerson

June 3, 2019

We started at FTC about 8 months ago. The environment that is created for both academic and social emotional learning is truly one of a kind. Patty and the staff model kindness and community and I have those see those traits grow and shine in my child. I have seen his academic skills and confidence with academics increase as well. FTC has truly been life changing for my son (and our whole family!).

Melanie Bosse Laber

July 15, 2017

My daughter went here for 2 years (before going to 1st grade). She is now in 10th grade. Going to Follow the Child was the best decision we made. My daughter absolutely loved it. I credit Patty and her teachers for developing my daughter's love for school (and she still loves it now). Patty is absolutely amazing with the kids - it's like a family there.

Kim Smith Lemkau

April 14, 2014

My son was emotional about being away from his Mom. We tried another school and he cried for several days. However, with this school, the teachers really made a connection with him. He never cried once at Follow The Child Montessori! His enthusiasm for school has continued all year long.

My son is reading and well above most children his age, thanks to this school. I really want my son to always consider learning to be fun, and never lose that love of learning. I really believe the Montessori method of schooling is how one can achieve that goal.

Nancy Endebrock

August 14, 2019

I highly recommend Follow the Child, the staff are amazing and the education is second to none.

Allison Vennard

3 years ago-

Just, WOW. My four year old just started at Follow the Child, and I am beyond grateful that we found Ms. Patty and her amazing teachers. We get a wonderful sense of community and a structured learning environment that allows children to relax and learn at their own level.

I am beyond excited seeing my daughter's first experience in education be such a wonderful one. Thank you to everyone at Follow the Child. :)

Amanda Galbraith

2 years ago-

Our son has been at Follow The Child for the last 2 years. We can not say enough good things about Ms Patty and her dedicated team of AWESOME teachers. It is evident that they truly care about the children & want the best for them. The curriculum extends far beyond ABCs & 123s. The lessons are interesting to the children & include geography/maps, culture/foreign language, history, community, music, etc. They really involve the children & provide a hands on/see it/say it/hear it approach to learning. Our son has learned to love learning and has grown so much academically and socially at FTC. I would highly recommend this school without hesitation.


2 years ago-

Top level school with an awesome staff!